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meaning the properties we owned in both 2019 and 2020, increased 2.5%. lower risk of long-term vacancies in the property portfolio.

the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness. 2. an unoccupied post or office: we have a vacancy in the accounts department. 3. an unoccupied room in a boarding house, hotel, etc: put the "No Vacancies" sign in the window. vacant. ( ˈveɪkənt) adj.

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Please look for matching positions or send an  Vacant dwellings face increased risk for loss or damage. Vacancy means all occupants have moved out (and are not returning) or occupants have not yet moved in  Failure to factor in costs of a vacant property could result you working harder to break even on a rental home. What is the definition of vacancy costs? When there   26 Feb 2020 Let's begin with the insurance definition of Vacant. A property is vacant when there is no personal property inside the home to allow for  25 Jan 2021 without specific attribution by the owner (a dilapidated dwelling, etc.). Voir aussi. Vacancy rate.

vacant. ( ˈveɪkənt) adj. 1. without any contents; empty. 2. (foll by: of) devoid (of something specified) 3. having no incumbent; unoccupied: a vacant post. 4. having no tenant or occupant: a vacant house. 5. characterized by or resulting from lack of thought or intelligent awareness: a vacant stare.

Have you ever noticed a store that's boarded up and empty, with signs like "For sale" or "For rent"? That's an … VACANCY Meaning: "a vacating;" c. 1600, "state of being vacant," from Late Latin vacantia, from Latin vacans "empty,… See definitions of vacancy.

If a loss occurs and the structure is deemed to meet the definition of “vacant,” certain types of coverage are completely eliminated during the vacancy while 

vacant is listed in the World's largest and most vacancies; vacancies; vacancies; vacancies; Vacant definition is - not occupied by an incumbent, possessor, or officer. How to use vacant in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of vacant. adjective.

not filled or occupied; available to be used: 2. A vacant job is one that no one is doing and…. Learn more. The definition of vacant is empty. When an apartment is for rent and no one is living there, this is an example of an apartment that would be described as vacant. a space or place that is available to be used: We wanted to book a hotel room in July but there were no vacancies. The dentist can't see you today but she has a vacancy tomorrow morning.
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Vacant vacancy meaning

When a hotel has a room available that a guest can rent, this is an example of a vacancy. When there is a job available at a company that needs to be filled, this is … 2021-04-17 adjective.

At any given temperature, up to the melting point of the material, there is an equilibrium concentration (ratio of vacant lattice sites to those containing atoms).
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During the economic recession the number of applicants per vacancy was much of applicants have been rising more rapidly than the numbers of vacant social of social rental dwellings did not meet the needs and means of applicants .

ordbok, svenska, lexikon, do you have any vacancies. Synonyms and Antonymous of the word vacancy in Almaany dictionary. Synonyms of " vacancy " ( noun ) : emptiness ; ( noun ) : void , emptiness , vacuum ,  Need to translate "vacant" to Swedish? How to say vacant in Swedish.

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Vacant is an adjective and vacancy is a noun. They more or less mean the same thing. However, they are commonly used in different situations. For example: a vacant lot, a vacant house, a vacant apartment. They are empty. However they are not necessarily available for occupancy. If we say: There is a vacancy, it usually means it is available for use.

(=blank) Svensk översättning av 'vacant' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online. a space or place that is available to be used: We wanted to book a hotel room in July but there were no vacancies. The dentist can't see you today but she has a vacancy tomorrow morning. There are still some vacancies for students in science and engineering, but the vacancies in humanities have been filled. 2021-04-17 · noun Word forms: plural ˈvacancies 1.